ahahahah there are so much losers in the world!! And I laugh a lot!! Today I want introduce you Velvet Piggie, a super loser my submissive that write me a letter and send me super humiliating pics, and I want humiliate him in public on my blog, enjoy ahhahaha "Adored, wonderful and unique Mistress Candy, THX for Your never ending grace and divine mercy. the little piggie  still can't believe it, really, Mistress, can You pinch me please... but very hard please?..... Mistress, really, i can't believe that a wonderful, amazing and divine Goddess like You can take notice of an useless worm like me, really.... please forgive, but i have to realize that first... at the moment it is too much for me, i can't believe my luck at the moment... Please forgive, but I have to say it again ? to be humiliated in public from You would be like all my dream come true ? to be honest, the more, the better *blush? Please forgive the little piggie that he is such a loser. Mistress Candy, but now I had have the occasion to fulfill Your wonderful order. Adored Mistress Candy, but unfortunaly there was no way to make ?real? piggie pigs. I have to confess ? I don?t  have that wonderful piggie suit any longer ;-(.  Approx. two years before my wife and me has a really very big dispute, or more a fight especially about my fetishes? almost she wanted to leave me alone? and I was stupid enough to accommodate her?  I cast away that beautiful piggie suit like all my other fetish clothes and also all my fetish toys like nipple clamps, restraints and so? Awww, Mistress, I was so stupid. Now I regret! Sometimes i think, it would have been better to let her go her way and take all my wonderful fetish things? and maybe also better to live my life in the way I want to? as a real slave? My adored Goddess Mistress Candy, but I don?t want to annoy You with all that unimportant things from my little life? I only want You know a little bit about the worthless piggie. Adored Goddess Mistress Candy. Here a the pics, and in the case that there are no piggie pics, I made some sissy slut pics in addition. I hope You will like? Adored Mistress Candy, and of course You can use that piggie pics I every way You want,  You can publish the pics wherever and whenever You want . It only will make me happy and so proud. Kneeling at Your feet, submissive greetz from germany, the (hopefully someday Your?) little velvetpiggie"

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